Zine Challenge For March

Today, I am going into proactive mode and starting a new monthly challenge to help bump start my idle creative engine.

The challenge I am presenting to myself is simply to create one small zine page everyday for the month of March.

Since March has 30 days, I should have enough pages finished by April 1st to have almost four 8 page zines ready for production.

The 2.75 x 4.25” black and white pages will feature art, writing, digital images and mixed media by yours truly.

Those are my only guidelines, the rest of this challenge will be left to my imagination, stream of consciousness and inspirational whims.

The goal being to break free of the artistic funk I have found myself trapped within and to simply create something for the hell of it.

I will also update my blog with some of the tools and techniques I use for experimenting and creating my pages.

Here is a quick vid showing you how to make your own 8 page zine from a single slice of 8.5 X 11” paper.

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