Creativity Workshops

Create personalized island style art infused with the tropical vibe!


Come relax with beachcombin’ artist Randy “Chongolio” Bain and enjoy a fun, artistic expression session using Hawaiian inspired themes, icons and found objects.

In the workshops we will make a totally awesome embellished driftwood “Wish Stick” and create unique eye poppin’ postcards while we tap into the creative power of the inner artist!

After an hour spent makin’ art and talkin’ story you will have…

• Made a nifty handmande memento to take home.

• Learned some art tricks that you can use anywhere.

• Gained the skills to make cool gifts for any occasion.

All workshops are keiki (children) and ohana (family) friendly and  a blast for Kane (men), Wahines (women) and folks of all ages.

Currently I am offering the following 1 hour workshops:

Wishstick (Makemake) Workshop $15

Hawaiian Wishsticks

Together we will make a Wish “Makemake” Stick using local driftwood, acrylic paint, decoupage  and embellished with a marble to catch the sun and other found objects.

I will supply everything needed to create your own personalized memento from paradise to remind you of whatever wish or dream that you imbue into your creation.

Postcard Workshop $15

In this workshop we will make an original personalized post card using acrylic paint techniques, decoupaged paper and other cutout materials with Hawaiian and island style images and icons.

I will supply everything needed to create your own customized postcards and learn the techniques needed to return home and create more for any special occasion.

Zap me an email to or call (707) 62-ALOHA • (707) 622-5642 if you are interested in setting up a time to get together and create some unique island memories and mementos!

All public workshops are hosted at KonTiki Treasures 4-1345 Kuhio Hwy, Old Kapa’a Town.

I am also available for private events, parties and willing to travel to a location of your choosing.

makemake guests

Lorelei, John, Dylan and Sheryl showing off their creations!

9 Responses

  1. lorelei sunshine says:

    I LOVED this wishstick workshop with randy learnt some kool stuff & got 2 play with glue, paint & sparkly stuff ALSO got to meet a kool family…

  2. chongolio says:

    Very Cool Lorelei! Thanks for the comment and lets get together and do it again soon!

  3. Catana says:

    I had a blast in Chongo’s workshop. He’s fun to create with and a great teacher!
    With just a few of his simple tips & techniques, you’ll be surprised at the art you can make:)

    • chongolio says:

      Thanks Catana so glad to hear you had a good time! What was the coolest thing about that workshop was the friendship that you and I have developed since then. Cool beans!

  4. Julie Udd says:

    Chongolio is very outgoing and fun to talk to. He has a personality that I can see getting on with all ages.
    My boyfriend and I made wishsticks. I can honestly say that he really enjoyed it too! We both dug right in &, with Chongolio’s guidance, we’re both very happy with the meaning, creative effort and final artwork we made.
    We’re going back to Seattle tomorrow but we have a memory with a local and a piece of our own creation to take back with us. His artwork, which is very fun, is up at Java Kai in Kapaa. I love one with a turtle going out to surf and a little turtle catching a ride on his board.
    Have a lark and spend time with Chongolio!

    • Chongolio says:

      The pleasure was all mine Julie! I had a fun time too and it was very nice to have met you and Alex. Thanks for the nice comment about the workshop and my art. I appreciate it!

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