Wake The Twins or Let Them Rest?

The decision to skip away from Youtube in the same fashion I did with Twitter, Facebook and other platforms is solely in my hands. Nobody has that answer but me.

I find myself once again at one of life’s crossroads which ask for careful consideration before choosing my next direction.

Choices need to be made that will affect not only my social media engagement but the entirety of my digital and non digital lifestyle as well.

The universe has been giving me a steady supply of signs as I simplify my life, purge my collection of things, and prepare to leave Kauai.

Another uncertain chapter in my life’s story is about to begin and the latest Youtube news is another sign of change that requires contemplation.

The questions I now must ponder is do I want to continue documenting and sharing my journey on the internet? Who am I doing it for and Why?

Is it time to remove my story from the stream of a million rivulets and accept that I was not able to maintain the shouting voice needed to rise above the noise and find an audience.

Or do I accept yet another challenge, wake the twins and refocus my ass kicking efforts with renewed vigor?

You will find out what I am going to do here first so stay tuned brave reader.

Your thoughts in the comment section are welcome.

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  1. etamburine says:

    just let us know where you’ll be 🙂

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