Turns Out I Am a Slob

If you look into my studio most of the time you would find my dishes clean, thingies organized and clothes washed and folded.

However, a closer look would reveal dust, dirt and grime thick enough to choke an adolescent mule.

Part of the reason for the filthy build up is due to my pack rat tendencies.

I collect stuff and stack it high and wide. Every corner of my living space gets filled with bits and boops.

This accumulation of crap makes moving things around to scrub and vacuum difficult.

Wanting to have my art supplies, tools and musical gizmos ready to go when inspiration hits often means stuff stays out, plugged in and is generally a hassle to move hither and dither.

Did I mention that I am also lazier than a well fed sloth after Thanksgiving dinner?

Kauai has a special sort of grime. It’s damp, sticky and adheres to everything.

The over abundance of gecko turds, spider webs and other organic detritus build up quickly in forgotten areas.

Out of sight, out of mind, easy to ignore. But super nasty when you must reach into these places to retrieve a runaway gumdrop.

Nothing a little squirt of water can’t fix, So why be bothered with mundane sanitization?

My lack of a cleaning gene became glaringly obvious when I went into the dank musty space I seldom visit beneath the bathroom sink to break out the cleaning supplies.

The 1/8 inch layer of dust on an unopened container of cleanser I purchased years ago could not be denied. I am unsanitary!

I also realized I did not need to spend my hard earned cheddar on more cleanser since I already had three unopened cylinders in the cleaning supply dungeon.

Dang it, that money could of went towards more tasty snacks!

The upside to moving and being forced to sanitize is that the puzzle of why I am still single has been solved.

It is also a valid argument for why I should live in small space that requires minimal cleaning and quit collecting knick knacks.

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