Travels Through Asia: Slideshows with Ambient Soundscapes

Well, I finally got around to finishing up the slideshow of my trip through Cambodia I took back in November 2015.

At first, I had attempted to narrate it but it sounded too much like a cheesy home movie. So I went with an ambient soundtrack and heaped on a lot of filters in iMovie.

The soundscape was made using Moodscaper and Animoog on my iPhone. Also added by way of iMovie were some soundbites I had recorded while I was in Angkor Wat.

Earlier in the year, I had also made this slideshow of my time in Phnom Penh, but never got around to uploading it to my website.

Not much going on here creatively, but it was a good way to get familiar with iMovie 11.

The music for this one came from Kevin Macleod under the Creative Commons license.

There is also the slideshow above featuring the street art I came across in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I threw that slideshow together for my Instagram account using the Figure and Flipagram apps on my iPhone.

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