The End of an Era Has Come. I’m Out!

After a lot of soul searching and personal pondering, I’ve decided to depart my island home for the past decade and return to the mainland and pursue a more nomadic existence.

After a 5000 mile motorcycle road trip from California to Alaska and New Mexico last summer Kauai now feels tiny, mundane and lonely.

I want to explore the open roads of the Americas and be able to visit with family and friends more frequently.

I am a long time roamer. Ten years has become the time span it takes before I get restless and feel the urge to move along. I am now downsizing once again, packing up the items I am unable to leave behind and departing Hawaii.

I had a good run here on Kauai and I will miss this island dearly.

However I fear that if I stay much longer I will become jaded towards island life and the inherent problems that arise from living on a remote rock in the middle of the sea.

Already the cacophonous chickens, attacking insects and lonely isolation have already taken their toll on my patience. Not to mention the limited resources and lack of physical access to my interest that fall outside of the mainstream.

A simple way to explain part of my feels is that I live a very mundane life in a very beautiful place. It was not an easy decision to make and the sadness I feel saying goodbye runs deep.

Kauai will always be close to my heart

and I have seen some of my happiest days here.

I am sure I will return someday to this magical island, but as of January 31, 2018 this tropical chapter of my life will come to a close.

New Adventures awaits!

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