That’s it. This Kauai Adventure Comes to a Close

After a fair amount of drama getting Whiskers onto the first of two boat that will take him to California, my lil scoot is on his way to the mainland.

I won’t go into all the frustrating details, but will say that the freight forwarding company I used left me feeling like this was the first time the had ever shipped a vehicle from Kauai to the mainland.

It was like I was teaching them how things are done here on the islands and absolutely frustrating having to deal with their bullshit a day before my flight!

I pray that when my little Yamahopper and I are reunited in a few weeks that no drama will follow and that he is delivered in the same condition as when we parted.

Apart from the shipping of my bike the last day spent on Kauai taking care of last minute business went smoothly.

I need to give a HUGE MAHALO NUI to my dear friend Mimi who reminded me to breathe as she shuttled me around Lihue to dot the final i’s and cross the last t’s.

Another big thanky to my friend and now former landlady Lehua for being the best renter I have ever had.

Lehua, whom I think of as family, treated me to a delicious grilled shrimp dinner at local favorite The Bullshed.

Our mutual friend Beth joined us and I was very touched to spend my last evening as a Hawaii resident in the company of good peeps.

Being one who likes to pay attention to signs the universe sends out I was comforted by an early morning lunar eclipse.

In a spectacular display of nature, a lightning storm over the ocean ignited as the moon passed through Earth’s shadow.

As I watched these awe inspiring phenomenons take place it was too much for my sensitive human mind to handle. I cried and said goodbye.

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