Taking Care of my P-Biz

dom·i·cile. ˈdäməˌsīl,ˈdōməˌsīl,ˈdäməsəl/noun: domicile; plural noun: domiciles; noun: domicil; plural noun: domicils

  • The state that a person treats as their permanent home, or lives in and has a substantial connection with.
  • a person’s residence or home.
  • The place at which a company or other body is registered especially for tax purposes.

Good friends have agreed to let me use their Seattle address temporarily, so Washington State is where I will be domiciling as of now.

I chose Washington because of it’s location to where my family will be relocating. Not too far away but not too close either.

In the evergreen state, there is no income tax and the health care is decent. It’s crap everywhere actually but I won’t rant.

Also vehicle registration costs are way lower than California.

Two proof of residency documents are required to obtain a WA driver’s license.

And so a copy of my phone bill, insurance policy and a USPS change of address letter are all on the way to my new address.

The plan at this juncture is boogie up to Washington in few weeks to see my friends, dial in my dealio and get my driver’s license and motorcycles registered.

Bonus cookie awarded if I can check out some rigs as I travel from California through Oregon and into Washington state.

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  1. ysrn says:

    your family is relocating? how did I not know this? /im_not_lisa

  2. ysrn says:

    LOL, this is true. Congrats on your new gig; I love it up there. You might need some more socks tho.

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