Skoolio The Skoolie Update #3 : Counter Tops & Lettering Removal

Everyday another rabbit hole opens up that leads to an array of shiny new gadgets and gizmos.

There is no shortage of devices and items that would be super cool to add to my bus right now.

Buying things is not being productive!

I find myself continuously having to grab my own collar and throw water on the flames of impulsive consumerism.

Then I get back to the sometimes redundant and tiring work in that sits right in front of me now.

However, I did allow the luxury purchase of Skoo’s first rear window sticker; the classic Harley-Davidson shield.

The tedious job of removing the vinyl lettering is not sexy or glamorous but it needs to get done.

A heat gun, razor blade and a spray bottle of Goo Be Gone makes this job a tad bit easier.

At this point, all of the lettering has been removed from the exterior and only faint traces of the lettering can be read.

One of the brake light lens had a hole melted through it and the other was not in much better shape from having improper bulbs.

Both brake light bulbs were replaced with red LEDs that Skidog happened to have on hand.

Several abandoned wasp’s nests were discovered inside the lens.

The nests were removed and the damaged lenses were then swapped out with the unused upper flasher lenses.

More shelves, counters and cabinets have been made at Camp Sasquatch with the help of Skidog and his amazing collection of power tools.

Shelves will be used for storage of bins and boxes and netting will be attached over the openings to keep things in place.

A large tote box fits below the large shelf with room to spare for more goodies and storage containers.

The area beneath the split doors will be a stash spot around the wheel well for small things and whatnots.

In the upper compartment, I will store a Coleman propane stove and other kitchen utensils.

Aunty Mew had picked up a two burner stove for me from an auction site for only $20.00! In fact, all of the wood with the yellow laminate used for my cabinets has been donated by her.

This has saved me a bundle of dough. Thanks Aunty!

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