Skoolio The Short Bus Build Update 2: Shelves

After getting most of the simple fixes on my bus accomplished, I am now working on the cabinets, shelves and counter tops.

The idea I am running with is to keep things simple, modular and to built out in sectional units.

Reasons being that this will keep each area bitesized and easy to install and remove if needed.

Also, if I screw up a section or want to modify any single part, I won’t have to deconstruct an entire gigantic structure.

The starting point was the shelf unit shown above, which is mounted behind the driver’s seat. From here I am working my way back.

Plywood was used for the most of the build with some repurposed radiused bed frame pieces donated by Skidog which were used for trim.

Left over paint from Camp Sasquatch was also donated to spiffy it all up.

The angle of the cabin wall was traced onto a sheet of plywood so that the side of the shelves would follow the wall’s edge upward.

The left side was attached to wall using the existing brackets left from the padded board that was originally mounted there.

The bottom of the shelves are mounted to a flat bar which runs the length of the passenger area.

This is the same rock solid anchor point that the kid’s seats were attached to.

The shelves will hold my clothes with the help of some soon to be added netting.

A five gallon water containers with a hose will sit on top and act as a gravity fed source of water.

The hose will drop down to a kitchen counter which is the next on my build list.

What do you think thus far. Your comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged!

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