Skoolio The Short Bus Build Update #1

The very first few repairs, tweaks and mods done on Skoo have been minor and fairly simple.

New shorter windshield wipers seems to have helped the sluggish motor do it’s job better. As did a few squirts of lubricant which also quieted the squeaking.

The wiper fluid pump is shot and still needs replacing, but that is a low priority for now.

Bolts and screws were tightened to keep all the rear view mirrors in place and stop the rattling.

Small holes in the body were plugged with rivets while larger ones fitted with bolts.

Skidog had bought a couple fancy buffing wheel sorta things to use on his Airstream project. They were attached to a drill for a test run and we used them to remove the lettering on the body.

RTV was used to fill holes where the seats were bolted into the floor. It was also used to stop a few leaks coming in from through the windshield’s seal.

I disconnected the back up beeper as well as the emergency buzzers for the back door.

We took a look at the wires that are left over from the disconnected flashers, associated control panels and safety gizmos.

There won’t be much done with that rat nest for now, but maybe later I can figure out how to use the existing wires and switches for outside work lights or something.

Some of the work mentioned in this post can also be seen in this vlog.

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