Road Trip to Lake Oswego, Oregon

Scoops swung through Red Bluff, CA and picked me up on her way to Oregon. I was to be her copilot for the next 440 miles.

My sister’s truck was packed with her first load of stuff and was being moved up to her new home in Lake Oswego.

I was coming along to help out, take a look around and get my Washington DMV biz in order.

The drive up was like butter except for the part where l decided take a pull on Scoop’s vape pipe.

That bad decision left me feeling nauseous for a spell. Lesson learned, screw that fruity barf juice!

Seven hours later we rolled into Lake Oswego. I was feeling back to full strength and we unloaded her truck.

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to fat plates of Mexican food at a near by Chevy’s then crashed out.

The first mission upon my mainland return was successfully completed!

The next Pacific Northwest mission would be more challenging.

To git legit I will need to span the Columbia river and deal with the Washington DMV.

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