My First Kauai Vlog Made Using Only iPhone Video And The iMovie App

Behold my debut as an iPhone vlogger. Thats right, this vlog was 98% made using only iphone video and imovie editing app right here on Kauai, Hawaii.

I did get some help with the beeps and boops on the sound bed using a few external instruments, but even they were recorded using the Audioshare app on my phone.

And in full disclosure, I used Garageband on my laptop to normalize the volume to make the viewing experience more enjoyable.

My laptop was also used to create the custom thumbnail and upload.

The intention of this vlog was to see how easy it would be for a new vlogger (me) to make an episode with the limited video editing capabilities.

These iPhone vlogs (phlogs?) are my attempt to capture and share the tropical Hawaiian days I experience as an artist getting all vloggity here on the island of Kauai.

Some of the places featured in this video are my art studio in Kapaa, and at my friend tikis studio near the wailua river.

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