My First Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide Upgrade

This motovlog documents my return to California to install my first Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide upgrades.

With the help of my Uncle Sasquatch, we installed the Screamin’ Eagle billeted cam plate, high flow oil pump and hydraulic chain tensioners.

While we were in the cam chest, we also removed the inner cam bearings and replaced them with new Koyo bearings.

Outer bearings did not get replaced because I spaced ordering them, but they looked like they were in pretty good condition.

The old push rods were cut and replaced with S&S Quickee push rods to save time and eliminate having to pull off the rocker boxes.

Super huge thanks to Sasquatch for all the help and for hooking me up with a gremlin bell.

Another giant thanks to my Mom for all her help getting me from Kauai to California and back again.

When the work was completed and the bike running, we took a ride out to see some of the sites around Red Bluff.

Being the diligent motovlogger, I brought my Gopro hero5 Sessions along and tested out it’s time lapse feature.

Over the past few months, I put a lot of time researching options and looking for the best prices so I could resolve the cam chain tensioner issue that plagues certain twin cam Harley engines.

Considering my time, location and financial restraints, I felt the Screamin’ Eagle upgrade was my best option.

My total including shipping to complete this job was around $800.00 I bought the parts and tools on Amazon, Ebay and

Here is the list of parts and tools that I purchased to perform this upgrade:

1 Screamin’ Eagle Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner Upgrade Kit – $412
1 H-D Spacer Kit P/N 25285-08 – $20
1 Cam drive retention kit P/N 25566-06 – $5
1 Retaining ring (front cam snap ring) P/N 11461 – $1
2 Cam Plate to case o-rings p/n 11301 – $2
1 Oil Pump scavenge port o-ring p/n 11293 – $1
1 Exhaust gaskets (kit) p/n 17048-98 – $7
1 Gasket retaining ring p/n 65325-83a – $1
1 Crossover gasket p/n 65827-90 – $10
1 Cam Gear Cover Gasket – $14
2 Koyo b-148 bearings – $12
1 S&S Quickee Push Rod Kit – $190
2 Oil Pump Tappet Block Alignment Screws -$7
1 Twin cam inner cam bearing installer & puller – $90
Shipping – $20

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