My Final Weeks Living on Kauai

At this point in time, I am living in the hollow shell of the space I called “home” for the past five years.

All that is left here now is a handful of items to help me clean and pass time with some comfort during my remaining days.

This week, the scrubbing and hole patching begins as I finish clearing out the few crumbs that remain in what was once my overstuffed studio.

Both deep sadness and swelling excitement fill each day as another tchotchkes gets tossed and my departure date looms closer.

With their constant caterwauling and incessant biting, the roosters and bugs continue to remind me of my reasons for leaving.

But still I am continually caught off guard by things I have taken for granted. They now engender stark realizations that they no longer will be a part of my every day.

Fresh bananas and avocados, sunny days surfing with turtles along with all the other ubiquitous sights and sounds of Kauai will soon be replaced with something else. Something unknown.

Change is good but like those helpful fuzzy bees the little fuckers also sting.

I am looking forward to starting the next phase in my life’s adventure and I know in my heart that it is time to move along.

Yet I can’t stop the melancholy feels I have about saying goodbye to this little island and the friends I have made here.

Kauai has been an amazing home and has given me so much to be grateful for.

During my time here I have discovered and learned much about myself and what makes me happy.

I do believe these lessons will serve me well as I hit the road embark and commence to wandering about in new lands.

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