Motorcycle Maintenance Motovlog 2015 Yamaha SR400 Valve Adjustment & Do it yourself Tappet Tool

My 2015 Yamaha sr400 “Whiskers” passed the 4000 mile marker. Since I am doing the motorcycle maintenance and valve adjustment myself using a Do It Yourself Tappet Tool, I decided to make a Motovlog while I was at it.

I will be starting the 4000 mile maintenance with a valve adjustment and changing the spark plug.

Since I don’t have a tappet tool, I decided to make my own do it yourself tappet tool using a baby spoon which made for a perfect diy tool project and tool hack using a dremel tool

There were some issues that came up so I decided to hone my motovlogging skills and make a director’s cut style motovlog while I was at it.

This was also a great opportunity to attach my Gopro hero 5 sessions to my handle bars and practice my motovlogger skills here on Kauai, Hawaii.

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