Moping Around California

My world feels like it has been uprooted and turned upside down. Needless to say, the past few weeks has been pretty rough.

The confidence I had in my decision to leave Kauai has eroded as I now question my move back to the cold in the North.

I am certain in time my thoughts will return to a more optimistic outlook.

I am feeling much better and continue to count my blessings for not being punctured and broken up after last week’s wreck.

But sitting still is not something I do well. For me, being sedentary lends itself to over thinking and critical self analysis.

Feelings of sadness, anger and frustration with my immobility along with thoughts of lost time and money creep into my thoughts. As does the uncertainty of what size ice pack my wallet will need after the medical bills have all been paid.

At this moment my future looks murky and unclear as I stagnate and contemplate the wheres and whens of my next move.



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  1. Elicia says:

    Winter can be the reason you have sadness.. Totally makes me crazy.. Rain and darkness …ugh!!

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