Magickal Motorcycle Monkey Man Charms Available For Purchase (Limited Time!)

Now is your chance to pick up one of my limited edition Monkeybar Adventures Charms for only $24.00 shipping included.

I only made 25 of these cool 2 x 2″ motorcycle monkey dudes which were hand sculpted and casted by me.

After casting and sanding, I then hand painted, signed and numbered each one individually.

A red swarovski crystal is placed in the center of the eye of protection painted on the Monkey’s helmet. This is to protect and bring good luck on whatever adventures lies ahead on your road!

You also will get two stickers! One Monkeybar Adventures sticker and a Chongolio sticker. Imagine that!

By purchasing one of my lucky handcrafted charms, you will be contributing much needed funds towards our Great Alaskan Road trip that starts August 16, 2017

Uncle Sasquatch and I will be riding out of Red Bluff, California towards Alaska for a two month adventure with no real itinerary planned. We will be crossing California, Oregon, Washington, Canada and Alaska on our Harley-Davidsons

You can follow along via Instagram where I will be posting photos taken along the way. Be sure to follow me.

I will also be creating vlogs along the way when I have time to sit, edit my footage and an internet connection to upload them to my YouTube channel. Subscribing and clicking the bell notification is the best way to not miss any of my episodes.

If you want to help us along the way, please consider becoming one of my Patrons on Patreon. Every dollar donated will help put gas in our tanks and a banana or two in our bellys! Patrons also get all kinds of extra Chongolian goodies, discounts and behind the scene peeks!

Here is the video I made about the creation and process I go through to make these one of a kind limited edition monkey magick infused talismans.

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