Looking at Familiar Scenes From New Angles

Kass, me and Koko
Kass and Koko, two of my favorite young ladies who came out to visit their ol’ Uncle Monkey.


When my family and friends come out to Kauai for a vacation, more often than not I end up getting a bit of a staycation myself.

During their visits I usually get to also go out and experience a few things that I have yet to see and do here on the island.

This is nice because it makes my journeys to these places more meaningful than if I had just gone there all by my lonesome.

Koko and her friend Nicole swingin’ around Hanalei at a beach that I had never been to before.


However, there are times when I find myself sitting around familiar locations waiting for my guests who are taking in the things that they do not get to see and experience everyday.

By learning to adjust my attitude and keep myself entertained during these sometimes tedious passages of time I can maintain my patience and stay out of the crabby zone.

What I have figured out from these not so interesting times is that they are a perfect opportunities to get creative with my perspectives.

Getting a new perspective from the passenger seat while newly licensed Kassadü drives us around Lihue.


By remembering to remove the crusty ol’ goggles and taking a fresh look around at what may appear as mundane surroundings, sometimes you may see things that you might have missed the first second or even fifteenth time.

This change of perspective, if you allow it, can submerse your senses into an overlooked reality and give you quite a different vantage point.

Smart phones, with all their magical apps and technological gizmos, can make this process even more exploratory, but be careful to pay mind to the delicate balance between tinkering with your screen and being aware of your surroundings.

Gnay-Gnay getting in some skate and bongo time in at Anaina hou park.


Maybe it’s a weird bug creepy crawlin’ across on a wall or a broken pattern in the cracks of the sidewalk where some grass has poked through, if you are open to it’s message there might be much more there than meets the eye.

With some luck, open eyes and mind, you may find a splash of inspiration or a dash of creative insight that you can then take back home with you and use in your next creation.

fishy sky
Inspiration found in the form of a flying fish while waiting for the shoppers at the Coconut Marketplace.


Getting the ego out of the way can be a challenge, I know this. However, if you keep mindful and stay with it, when you do succeed everyday things that you may have taken for granted now shine with a new and insightful luster!

Have you ever looked at common place things, people and places and been smacked with never before seen insights, beauty or inspiration?

If you have any tips or tricks that you use to make the mundane magical, go on an share with me in the comments section below.

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