Level up Your Creative Game Using Your Sense of Smell

passion flower

Sweet smelling scents are a useful tool to use for conjuring up emotions and deep feelings. Sense-enhancing fragrances can connect emotions to inspiration which leads to your creative imagination.

There are many ways to bring the magic of aromas into your artistic ritual here are a few of my favorites.


Incense and ritual are close companions and the perfect compliment for each other. Fragrant incense smoke will create an atmosphere that invites your muse to visit.

One of my favorite brands incense is Nag Champa which is available at health food and metaphysical stores. You can also purchase it online.


Scented candles are another traditional way of bringing olfactory pleasure to your creative ceremony. They have the added bonus of bringing fire, color and natural movement to an artistic rite.

Candles come in many colors and scents making it easy to find one the mood or intentions you wish to set. I use scented and colored candles for special occasions and when I need an extra creative punch in the nose.


Fresh fragrant flowers bring natural beauty and aroma into any space they occupy. Colorful scented clusters delight the nose and eyes with Ma nature’s awe-inspiring artistry.

Here on Kauai, we are lucky to have many varieties of sweet-smelling blossoms perfuming the air. This makes every day an invigorating aromatic adventure!

~Essential Oils~

Aromatherapy is a way of enhancing psychological and physical well-being through smell. The inhaled aromas stimulates brain function and have healing properties.

The oils and liquid come from roots, bark and other plant parts. Appy essential oils to the body or sprayed them into the air. Some types are warmed in special burners or dropped into a lit candle to release their scents.

~Tea, Coffee or Cocoa~

The robust smell of coffee, the sweet scent of cocoa and the subtle aroma of tea is sure way to inspire your nostrils. They also have the added bonus of stimulating or calming the mind while you take pause and ponder your art.

I keep one of these drinks close by during my art sessions depending on the mental mindset I want to establish. My most favorite by far is ART-TEA-KI Teas!


Who can resist the smell of a yummy chocolate chip cookies, zesty orange slices or warm bisquits? I know I cannot.

The next time you want to kick your creative session up a notch bring to the table an olfactory and tasty treat. You will also get the added bonus of something to snack on while you doodle and draw yourself into the art zone.

Any of the fragrant items listed will assist your mind in getting into the relaxed mindset. They will help nurture inspiration and fine-tune your awareness.

The more charged up a scent is with emotions, the stronger the connection to the subconscious. Strengthening this connection is what exactly what we are working on doing. This is how and where new routines solidify and become habits.

What are some of your favorite smells and aromas?

What memories or emotions do they invoke when you smell them?

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Pleasant scents can spark fond memories and emotions as well as relax and calm the mind. You want smells that enhance and do not irritate. Avoid overbearing smells that make your eyes water and nostrils burn. More ideas can be found in this post. […]

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