I Blog For Me Now

I Blog for me now.

Does that sound self important? I hope not because I don’t mean it to.

Essentially, That statement reflects my current attitude towards internet marketing, clickbait, listicles and writing to get followers. I am over all that now.

Although I have tried all of the above tactics no good has ever come from those efforts. Only a growing frustration with being stuck sharing and writing about limited topics with formulaic strategies.

Those “pro tips” burned out the joy I once felt when writing.

I aim to bring back that experience by simply writing the way I write about the things I want to write about.

Screw the gurus and Critics be damned!

My blog may end up a random splattering of thoughts, images and experiences but they are all mine and therefore connected.

No longer am I interested in how many followers read my musings.

Nor concerned if someone is offended by my views, lack of etiquette or language.

That is not to say I don’t want to hear your viewpoint or disregard your opinion. It means that now I am going to freely share whatever I want whenever I want without the critical censorship or “rules” that I have inflicted on my writing in the past.

Can you dig that? Then fuck yeah let’s get to it then Amigo!

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