Have you seen those bizarre images popping up on the web?

Tripping banana

Last week there was a flurry of weird computer generated images appearing all over Facebook, Instagram and news feeds which are being created by computers after feeding them an image.

photofriday15 banana

The top image was made from this banana picture that I took last week which was then uploaded into the machine and spit out at this free site called dreamscopeapp.com

Personally, I think they are pretty interesting to behold and I find them inspirational in an abstract doodlish sort of way.


Even though I don’t fully understand the science behind it, I would like to incorporate some of the patterns, spirals and distortions that are created in this strange digital realm into some of my analogue art and doodles.

Click here if you want to try and wrap your head around what is going on when Google attempts to see what it looks like when computers dream.

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