Chongolian News for March 16 , 2015

More creativity inclinations were acted on and took place in various forms and manners. Dig it below if you are so inclined…

BÜ #6 “concourse.” which also marks the start of Chapter 2, was finished and uploaded. You can see all episodes to date and behind the scenes art, info and more using the Index of Installments.

Chongolian News


A sneak preview and ‪‎character‬ concept ‪sketches‬ of “The Slugglords.” These guys came to me in the middle of the night demanding to be drawn.

pineapple garden

Pineapples‬ poppin’ up in my ‪garden‬ always motivate me to get outside and into da dirt.


Fresh mint and lemongrass were picked up at the Farmer’s Market for use in a herbal tea blend which will be served and sold from the ART•TEA•KI kart in the very new future!


I am the proud father of my first ‪‎Hibiscus‬ Sabdariffa a.k.a the Roselle seedling! When she grows up she will give me the gift of deep magenta-coloured calyces which can be used to make a tart ‪‎herbal‬ ‪‎tea‬ and add yet another choice to the ART•TEA•KI menu.

It is a little wonky and the pages sit a bit crooked, but for a first time attempt at making a mini art journal using a coptic stitch, I can live with it. Sea Lemons’s videos were big help getting me started.

Creativity Workshop

ryan's tiki

Ryan ‪‎painted‬ up one heckuva a sweet lookin’ blue and gold ‪tiki‬ at one of the ‪creativity‬ workshops at the Courtyard Marriott.


kat's tea pot gift

#Photofriday15. Mahalo nui Kat for the super cool and beautiful tea pots and cups. I dig the fish designs on this one and the green color!

Link it up, little darling!

Urban Treehouse That Protect Residents from Air and Noise Pollution

Strangely realistic graffiti portals by 1010

Big Things Come in Small Drawings

Experimenting with creative planning in an art journaling sorta format.

Animated music video by Nicolas Fong for a trippy Parisian band called Green Nap.


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I also have been known to take on commission for those who want some custom art made in the Chongolian style.

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