Chongolian News for July 13, 2015

Chongolian and ART•TEA•KI News
After a fair amount of thought, I decided to give my website some love and a much needed makeover.

What do you think, much cleaner and purty right!?

Along with the simple look and faster loading pages, I am re-dedicating myself to putting out content that is more than just images, news updates and links.

However, I will continue to share with you these things because I think you will dig um’.

So with that being said, I am going to make this the last posted news update and start focusing on writing individual posts again.

News and Link round ups will still be delivered via my eKablam (Sign up with the form on the left) which is also going through some tweaks and mods.

My intention is to dial in my efforts and refocus my attention on sharing with you inspirational tips and tricks to connect to your imagination, creativity, artistic process as well as techniques and tools to assist you in finding inspiration.

Of course I will still be including my special brand of MoNkEy MaDnEsS in future effort because thats who I am and what I do.

Please feel free to use the comment box below to share with me any ideas you may have or the sort of things you would like to see me include here on my humble website.

No really, I do want to make this fun, informative and interesting for all of us!

dream rhino

The ‪Dream‬ ‪‎Rhino‬ is not afraid to take you to the oasis beyond your fear. Climb on board, hold tight and enjoy the ride! This is another doodle inspired by the Dreaming Wide Awake course I am taking with Robert Moss. During this module we learned to call on “animal doctors” to help us find images that heal.

holy basil

My good buddy Kat gave me a bag of Holy Basil to make some ‪Tulasi‬ ‪‎tea‬ with. My ‪tea pet‬ Xing Xing and I are excited to try out a cup.

pineapple 15

The first ‪summer‬ ‪pineapple‬ picked from my ‪garden‬! It is a biggun!!


iPhotography and Video

fuzz floor

#photofriday15. Welcome to my Jam! Rocking the Junkbow is one of the way I like to spend a Friday night at the Monkey Shack.

Say yes to the {{{FUZZ!}}} 15 seconds of Junkbow fuzziness.

A Hypnotic ball of orange wonder and some sounds to make you go Zzzzzzzz.

Everyday I am Linkin’!.
Beatbugs are face painted beat boxers who be buggin’.

Mad Max Mayhem by JoopaDoopsCan You Picture That?

Magical Doodle Vines by Pinot

Anti-Stress Coloring Book, all ages can enjoy this old-school, unplugged activity.

Paint tube spills out Marigolds!

Cecilia Levy creates cups, bowls, plates and saucers out of paper and comic books.

I loves me some nature. Cacti in bloom look just like fireworks!

The 7 traits of a Free Thinker. (Thanks Kat)

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I also have been known to take on commission for those who want some custom art made in the Chongolian style.

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