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creative soul manifesto
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NOW is the moment to step up and break through the stale crust of conformity that has been holding you back. Everything needed is close at hand, take out a pencil, find a piece of paper and write the words:

“I am a creative genius!”

Set your intention, make the commitment and dedicate yourself to this proclamation! Absorb this declaration into your every cell and feel the power this affirmation holds then seal the dealio with a playful doodle or a bold stoke.

Self expression is a sacred honor and obligation of every self aware being

Art is what YOU create and the process by which you create it. It is not reserved for the chosen few by precocious critics and inflexible establishments.

“I am not creative” is a fallacy of the ego. Humans are creative beings by default. Every millisecond of everyday our minds and bodies learn, rejuvenate and develop in a mind blowing ballet of divine elegance.

To say the creative spirit is dead inside you is an insult to the omnipotent energy that popped you into existence. Your experiences and emotions are gifts to embody, explore and find inspiration in.

Being an artist is a lifestyle choice and a dance with the giggling muse who celebrates with you the miracle of life.

The artistic adventurer is always moving forward by straight line or wandering scribble, with mojo bag ready they hold and collect the curiosities found in their wanderings.

You are the artist you have dreamt about and your life is the canvas you have to paint upon.Do it with determination and without the company of the ego.

Tell the naysayers in your life and the critics in your head to “go wait outside, I have art to make!”

Draw a line, sing a note, write a word, then do it again and again until you have a picture, song or story.

The process is not complicated or complex. It can be simple like a pen’s line wandering across a page or rocks stacked on a river’s bank.

We are all here to leave our marks and message for the world to witness.

We are the writers, musicians and painters who arrive at class with wonder and an eagerness to learn.

We pledge our allegiance to the creative states of the imagination!

mission statement

About Chongolio

A few of my favorite projects I took part in:

“Kamapua’a, the Hawaiian Pig God: Adventures on Oahu.” A collaboration with Chris Osburn which was featured in Tiki Magazine.

“The Ohana Hut.” a Tiki mug design contest on Tiki Central that I had won.

Coconut Wired. A podcast I produced and hosted. (Episodes can be found on my music page.)

The Pacific Islander Series. Tiki mug set I designed for Tiki Farm.

I came into existence in the sprawling concrete jungles of Los Angeles in the year of 1965. At the age of 22, with a wanderlust heart I left the South lands of Los Angeles.

Living a nomadic lifestyle throughout my 20’s and 30’s allowed me to move around the states.

With a pencil and sketchpad, I traveled North up the coast of California and across the U.S. Usually I would register at the local City college to take general education and art courses.

When email and the internet were just becoming an everyday thing I needed a username. I wanted to use “chongo” a Spanish word for monkey but the name was already taken.

Having been hipped to Spanish diminutives, I added “lio” to the end of Chongo and never again had a problem getting my user name .

When I became involved in the Tiki art scene I began to sign my art work as Chongolio.

In the early 2000’s I settled in Santa Cruz, California for ten or so years. During this time, I had taught myself how to design, create art and get around pretty good on a computer and ran a graphic design studio for ten years.

In 2007 when the traveling bug resurfaced, I sold or gave away most of my belongings and bought a one way ticket to the garden island of Kauai. The beauty and natural power of Hawaii has always held a magical place in my heart.

I had no idea of where I was going to live or work but made the jump and immediately found housing and work. Plenty of new friends were made and I settled into island life quickly.

I was living the dream of surfing every morning and exploring my new island home. But as I went into my fourth year of living in paradise, things started to lose their initial glow.

I loved living on Kauai, but something was missing in my life and I wasn’t exactly sure quite what. It was around this time I quit drinking and asked myself “what I wanted to be known for.”

With that question in mind, I started a video log and began sharing my passion for creativity.

Doing this helped me to get out of my own head and to realize that the happiness and stoke were still there inside me.

I came to understand that through contribution a deeper sense of gratitude can be experienced!

My now in addition to creating my own art my passion is to share with you the tips, tricks and techniques I have learned and to help you find your true creative self!

I believe that Creativity is for everybody and that art is a doorway to your soul, self understanding and discovering inner peace.