1988 Ford E-150 Club Wagon

Auntie MEW found a classic 1988 Ford E-150 Club Wagon for sale and sent some pics over to me while I was still in Hawaii. (That’s right, this is my first stateside post.)

The van was also in close proximity to uncle Sasquatch so he did me a fine favor by looking it over before I flew into California.

His report was that it has low miles and is in pretty good shape inside and out. He gave it two hairy thumbs up!

Apart from the clownish red hue that overpowers the interior and a few minor cosmetic and mechanical issues, my own inspection and test drive was mostly positive.

My main concern is how this older 1/2 ton vehicle will hold up towing a trailer chock full of living supplies and a motorcycle in a semi full time scenario.

The internet can be a cup of twisted noodles when it comes to finding a straight answer. Conflicting opinions and info are the standard when researching anything online.

Matters are not helped when numbers are my kryptonite and the auto industry loves their whack-a-doodle numeric designations for parts and pieces.

To further complicate the puzzlement, subtle differences, optional features and model mutations are introduced yearly by automobile manufacturers.

Being uncertain of my end game is also fogging up the looking glass and contributing to my automobile induced million mile stare.

Despite all the consternation, I think I may have already found a new four wheeled friend to shuttle my knick knacks and I from point A to B!

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  1. 02/16/2018

    […] my 2002 Harley Davidson Super Glide, I helped my sister move to Lake Oswego, Oregon, and bought a 1988 Ford E-150 Club Wagon which I managed to crash in Bend Oregon a few days after […]

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