10 Simple Ways To Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

free yourself

“Free Yourself”

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We all like our comfort, it’s just so damn comfortable. However, if a more creative and inspired life is what you seek then eventually you will need to break the shell of your cushy egg and poke your head into the areas that may make your tummy turn.

Getting started seeking larger horizons need not be as hard or daunting as you may think. By starting with small and simple weekly goals, you can build up the confidence needed to start taking on bigger and more bad ass challenges.

Trust me I am no crusher in this area and I have made it an all to familiar habit to avoid discomfort and uneasy situations for most of my life. But recently I have started setting small challenges for myself in order to bust a bigger move further down the line.

Some of the things I have started doing may sound simple, but when you have been stuck in a routine for several years just the act of doing something different can be a monumental task.

I still have a long way to go before I am asking strangers for hugs or trying to get freebies at a coffee shop like Niall Doherty, but if I keep taking little steps someday they will be far less daunting than they are now.

Why break out of the marshmallow headspace and what does this have to do with creativity you ask? Well, creatively speaking the safety area is a dead zone for new ideas and an extinguisher of creative sparks.


Inspiration comes not from the daily and mundane routines, but from adding a bit of spice and lively infusions of the unknown into your daily moves.


Sure you could just keep doing the same thing everyday and get damn good at it. But you gotta ask yourself would a challenge or change of awareness give you a new perspective on your interest, hobbies or lifestyle and help build a better understanding of abilities you may not even know you have? I say “uh yeah.”

I think by  taking more risks, moving beyond the rings of your safety circle you will find that new ideas and angles of observation become available. These shifts can be valuable assets and bring to your artistic endeavors a richer, juicier and more meaningful impact.

Start with a few simple things and soon you will have the courage and confidence in your abilities to really start blowing minds and setting off the sky rockets that are your imagination.

Here is my short list of simple yet effective ideas that can set you on your way and help move you out from beneath the warm and fuzzy blankets and into adventure. So embrace, release and then fly with those butterflies in your stomach. If you don’t recall what those butterfly feelings are like, then perhaps you have been living with your head under that pillow for a little to long.

1.) Eat a bug, Ok maybe just hold one. Extra points if you put it on your face.

2.) Make a video of yourself talkin’ about some topic or making art and put it on YouTube. Singing and dancing would be pushing it over the top!

3.) Take a walk and smile at the people you pass and wave at cars going by. I bet this will be harder than you thought it would be.

4.) Pay it forward to a stranger. Buy the person behind you a candy bar, a cup of coffee or whatever is available next time you are in line someplace.

5.) Eat another bug. Just kidding one is plenty 😉

6.) Photograph people you don’t know. Gum drops earned if you introduce yourself and ask for their permission.

7.) Use a new type of art medium and paint or draw something opposite of what you normally would.

8.) Make some art in a public space where others can see what you are doing. make eye contact, smile and ask them what they think of it. If they like it give it to them.

9.) Compliment a stranger on something they are wearing and tell them they look fabulous. Massive win if you say it to a member of the opposite sex.

10.) Leave a comment on a blog post that you like or dislike and tell them why. Heck you can do this one here and now on mine. Have at it you adventurous soul!

What are some of the ways you push yourself past the boundaries of your own self imposed limits?

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8 Responses

  1. Charlie says:

    Word! It’s tough as all get out to break out of the comfort zone or even just go out on a limb a little bit. But…I ate a bug once. Didn’t like it. Too mushy.

    • chongolio says:

      Mahalo nui braddah Charlie for leaving a comment. Obviously getting out of the place of control and predictability is going to be harder for some than others. And somethings that may scare the crap out of one guy others will find to be a sun shiny walk through the park. My thought is to take small and less intimidating steps in the direction of irrational discomfort and build up the confidence to try bigger and more gutsier leaps from the ring in the future. Regarding bug munching, next time try the beetle, I am told they have a crunchier texture and a nutty finish.

  2. Loran says:

    What about murdering a black widow spider and all its babies? That was totally out of my comfort zone but I had to protect my greenhouse! Great post, Chongolio.

    • chongolio says:

      Yes Loran I would say that is a pretty big step into the belly churning area outside the warm and fuzzy section. I am absolutely dog poop when it comes to dealing with killing large bugs and rodents which by the way is way to common an event over here and one that really takes all my super powers to do. Glad to know you liked the post. Thanks so much for leaving your comment.

      • Loran says:

        I usually rescue spiders but not that one. I tried to rescue it but in the end it was squashed. I’m sure you have lots of creepy critters in Hawaii. Ewwww.

        When I was in NYC something gross came out of the drain! Apparently they have quite a bug problem there too.

        • chongolio says:

          Yeah Loran, bug bites are pretty much a part of life out here that you never get used too. Although I am glad to report that I have never been bitten by a centipede which is the godfather of vile crawlers out here. Just the site of those big multi legged freaks things make me shiver! I have heard stories of them coming up out of the drain which makes it hard to not keep an eye on the ground whenever I am in the bathroom.

  3. Robyn C. says:

    How did I NOT know you had an Etsy shop? WOOT! I was wondering how I was going to get my hands on some original Chongolio work! (without the 8 hour airplane ride). Love this post too, btw. Courage to us all!!!

    • chongolio says:

      Awesome Robyn! I have been kinda down playing my Etsy shop because it has been somewhat neglected and sparsely filled over the last year. However, I am now making it a priority to keep adding more art to my Esty shop as well as seeing what kind of a response I get using Paypal buttons here on my website. Please add me to your Etsy circle if you are so inclined and keep checking back! Totally appreciate you leaving a comment. Mahalo!